Cell Phone While Driving Is The Most Dangerous Form Of Distraction

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Some of the major products that are produced in the market today are cellular phones. We use cell phones every day because of their convenience. Most phone service companies offer family plans where a whole family can get quality service and many of the times, the phones come free or at a discount. Cell phones today also have Internet. This means that you can change your Facebook status, check your email, go on YouTube to watch your favorite videos, check the stocks, and many more things. On a different note, cell phones are quickly becoming the most dangerous form of distraction while driving and as cell phone ownership and use continue to increase, the worst thing that people do with cell phones today is using them while operating a motor vehicle. Despite what you may think, the danger of using a cell phone while driving is well known across hundreds of nations all over the world. The danger of using a cell phone while driving has been around for several years and it has a very important meaning in our lives and lives of others. Some people may disagree that cell phones are the leading cause of deadly accidents in America.
The use of cell phones behind the wheel causes about 80% of all automobile accidents in the United States. A recent study found that 80% of all automobile accidents and 65% of near-accidents involved some form of inattention. The most common form of inattention was cell phone use. On average, a person dies every 12 minutes in this country due to…

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