Causes Of Julius Caesar: The Collapse Of The Roman Republic

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The Republican government in Rome collapsed in the year of 44-27 B.C. Many events caused this event to occur in Roman history, the rise of private armies and the creation of the first Triumvirate could have possibly both contributed to the collapse of the Roman Republic. However, Julius Caesar is mostly to blame for the fall of the republican government in Rome. Julius Caesar did many good deeds during his ruling in Rome prior to the collapse of Rome. People referred to Caesar as a noble man and that is partly why it’s hard for people to comprehend that the collapse of an entire Republic could be entirely his fault. According to Richards, Creaser’s lethal fault that ultimately led to his demise and to the collapse of the entire Roman Republic was his arrogance (Richard, Page 174-175).
Ultimately, Julius Caesar became the dictator of Rome in 48 to 44 B.C. (Dempsey 2016, Fall of Rome). One of his major accomplishments included his ability to reduce Rome’s debt and help prevent street gangs from harming the city of Rome. Caesar also used the public works programs to aid those who were
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It all started with Caesar’s abuse of power in which resulted in his assassination. Caesar’s assassination shortly lead to the third Roman civil war that allowed the first Roman emperor to come to power (Richards, Page 176). Without these actions from Caesar, the fall of the Roman Republic may not have happened at all. Caesar’s arrogance created a weakness in his character and power thus is why he was removed from power so easily, however in the end a monarchy was still formed by Augusts (Richards, Page 191). The Roman Republic came to an end and a monarchy was established. The rein of Augusts allowed for peace and prosperity to be restored to Rome which was vital for Rome’s survival (Richards, Page

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