Julius Caesar: The Fall Of The Republic

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The Fall of the Republic was caused not only by one individual’s actions or one event but a culmination of several actions from different individuals and events. Unfortunately, some influenced massively in the Roman society. There Large and quick expansions from Rome’s foundation as an underdeveloped city; creating enormous holes in the governing and political ability in the Senate. While the powerful individuals of Roman mob like the general were jockeyed for position. The Roman life was facing differences far more rapidly than the governing body could manage. It began with the Punic Wars, followed with the roman conquest outside of Italy then by the large slave importation. In any system, it's normal for political infighting but it was …show more content…
Caesar was not the only man responsible for the fall and was not the man that could stop it. The cycle of event that made the empire drop was irreversible. Contemporaries of the brilliant general and politician hold as much blame as the great man himself. Caesar has a very strong character and personality, which was good to hold the Republic together as long as he lived. His assassination and the result from the continuous civil wars only made it necessary for power to be from one ruler for one great nation. In this case, it was the Roman Empire.
The adoption of the heir of Caesar, Octavian, to the high post of Augustus brought the real end of the Republic. This was all occurring during the time of the will for the republic system almost died. The institution of the government under one ruler was an obligation to keep the progression of the empire. Augustus demonstrated to be a man who is great and mighty enough to control the mob, Senate, and Legions. The men of power like Gaius Julius Caesar and Octavianus August rose beyond all the great Romans in the political opponents, reform a corrupt government and to have the system remain stabilized in confusion. The Fall of the Republic was

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