Will You Be Successful

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Will You Be Successful?

What do you see when you picture someone who is successful? Do you see a woman with her hair pulled back, no jewelry, no makeup, and no fancy clothes? Do you see a short, chubby, balding man? Probably not. When most people picture someone successful they see someone attractive and well put together. So, does being attractive bring more success than to someone equally talented but less attractive? Do attractive people have more advantages in their fields?
There have been many studies conducted that show that people who are attractive; have a higher salary, are more trustworthy, more competent, and more reliable. So, in fact it does seem as though being attractive brings
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If you have a lot of contact with customers or you represent a company through public relations it may be important to be attractive. Would you be more likely to buy a house if your realtor was attractive, would you trust a politician more if they were attractive? There was a study done by Efran and Patterson in 1976, on the Canadian elections in 1974 where they found that more attractive candidates were likely to receive more than two and a half times as many votes as their less attractive competition. (Cialdini 2001) Some may say it is necessary to be attractive to fill some of these positions. People want someone attractive to represent their company. But if you have someone attractive represent your company and all the people behind the scenes and in the offices, are unattractive aren’t those companies being falsely represented by these attractive people? So, is it really a requirement to be attractive for some positions? Yes, you may be more likely to be successful in a certain field based on your looks but that’s just how society works. Just like the statistics said earlier attractive people are more likely to be trusted and be more reliable. On the flipside is there positions where it may be a disadvantage to be …show more content…
We also saw that attractive people are likely to be more successful in certain positions than others. Being attractive can also sometimes be a disadvantage when it comes to trying to move up into managerial positions or positions of authority. This topic can be so deeply explored. We could further explore many questions. Why and how does gender affect the work force? Is there a way to change how people view the reputation of people based in their gender? Is there a way to eliminate bias in the hiring process? Works Cited
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