Gender Stereotypes: The Role Of Women In Sports

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Male athletes and coaches seem to get more attention in terms of support and finance.
Cross country runners being counted as multiple runners, specifically females to make it look like there are more females than there actually are.
Studies have shown that women who plays sports are more likely to pursue higher education and maintain their health lifestyles after.

Drinking and sex are used to broadcast their manliness in order influence others
Athletics are a social venue in order to amplify camaraderie

Encourage stereotypes with in groups, basing peers on labels and appearance
Collegiate women feel pressures to be both successful academically in addition to being an attractive, beautiful, and fit.
These pressures encourage young women to start equating “identity with image”

An idea that will allow youth to focus on
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Women are more likely to be hired through a computerized application process.
Hiring committees made up primarily of men hire less women than committees that are equally balanced.

Research has shown the three major sources of bias when evaluation job performance
Invisible Hand Discrimination – unwitting discrimination in applying policies that are not inherently biased.
Women’s performance tend to be more scrutinized than men’s and judged by stricter standards.
Men have to give more convincing demonstrations of incompetence to be judged as such.
Male are judged based on whether they show promise Females are judged on

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