Types Of Attractive Men Essay

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The Type of Men I Find Attractive
Attraction works in an enigmatical way. The physical and emotional attractions are different, but they have the same objective, catching our eyes to create a fascination and a magnetic and reaction which changes our emotions or feelings towards something or someone. There are several qualities that we consider attractive in men both physically and intellectually. An attractive man should be good looking, honest, confident, purpose-driven, attentive, nonjudgmental, and should have a good sense of humor. In addition, I find adventurous, men with a clean life free from drugs, and men with a good personality attractive too. Most importantly, an attractive man should be good looking with a good physique.
Appearance matters a lot for me because it is the first thing one sees. I do no not mind much about the physical size so much, but physically I consider an athletic man
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My ideal man is one with a good personality, funny, sweet and well-spoken who is confident. I find confident men very attractive. Confidence is a universally attractive trait that no woman can miss in a man. A man who believes in himself is always willing to work or rather fight for what he wants, and this is a good trait for an attractive man. A confident man will always make a woman comfortable and secure.
I find attentive, nonjudgmental, and men with a good sense of humor attractive. I get attracted to someone who is open minded in a way that I can be free with him and be myself all the time. In addition, the man should be attentive to all we do and open minded in every activity we embark on including the relationship. A sense of humor is also an important factor in making a man attractive. A man who can make me laugh and happy when am down is desirable. A man who is nonjudgmental and with a good sense of humor is socially intelligent and makes a woman feel good, and this is the man I find

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