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OTA100 Final Project- Read case study about Susan (attached) pg. 103
OTA100 Final Project- Read case study about Susan (attached) pg. 103
Stacey is receiving services in an outpatient orthopedic institution because of her ankle injury. Stacey slipped and fell while on her front porch and landed on her right ankle on the concrete. Stacey is concerned that she will not be able to complete some of her Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) and her Instrumental Activities of Daily living (IADLs) due to the static air cast she has to wear on her leg to keep her foot stabilized and elevated.
Stacey is successful in some of her ADLs which include, her personal hygiene and grooming (since she can do her hair, brush her teeth and can wear makeup), feeding
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Stacey has multiple stairs inside and outside her home, which make it increasingly difficult to complete her performance motor skills such as walking in and out of the house because of her air cast.
Stacey has a full network of friend and lives in the same neighborhood as some of her family members. This makes it easy for her to keep in contact with them. Since Stacey has had the air cast on her leg, she has not been able to walk to her close relatives' homes to communicate with them or drive to see them. This has decreased her social interactions with her family members and has created a barrier.
Stacey believes in going to church and tithing on Sundays. Stacy’s church that her family attends is far away; making it difficult for her to go to church since she cannot drive (due to her air cast). Her husband also cannot transport them to church every Sunday since he occasionally works on certain Sundays.
Stacey is a 34-year-old woman, has a high SES, and graduated with her Bachelors in Business from DeVry University. When Stacey has to attend her weekly meetings at her works headquarters, it is a challenge for Stacey since she can no longer drive; this affects her work performance and work

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