Case Study On Groupon

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How has an understanding of consumer behavior helped Groupon grow or 400 subscribers in Chicago in 2008 to 60 million subscribers in 40 countries today?
“Part of the reason that Groupon has grown quickly as it has is because we really underhand customer behavior.” Explains Julie Mossy the consumer and marketing manager at Groupon. Generally, Groupon consumers follow the same purchase decision process common to many consumer purchases. In the future, groups strategies will require continued attend to understanding consumers around the globe. Mossier explains, “Groupon has been regarded as the fasted growing company of all time, and the reason for that is because we have solved this unsolvable problem , which is how do you engage with
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The recession has increased the importance of personal values such as thriftiness and being frugal, so deal prone people who were attracted to websites such as fashion and consumer electronics are also attached to the products Groupon offers. The typical user is an 18 to 34 year old woman with an average income of about $70,000.00 this information is significant because the groups affinity to school media enables the use of Groupon, which depends on email an smartphone apps to reach its customers. Specific situations such as planning entertainment activities, finding low cost restaurant for lunch, or buying a gift are also common to Groupon users. As Groupon leads more about its subscribers, it has begun personalizing deals they see. The company uses variables such as gender, location of residence or office and buying history to match deals with customers. The process provides offers that are more likely to be of interpret to consumers and allows Groupon to serve more …show more content…
other daily deal companies such as living social and manufactures large retailers and small business are all trying the concept. Groupon can consider several actions.
Such as providing incentives for increased us of Groupon loyalty program. As for students, the company may offer other ideas for action that Groupon could undertake to address these changes.

“Groupon now may be one to answer the challenge because it is much more difficult to replicate. We have always been thinking about how to solve these fundamental problems of our mode. We have known since very early on that some form of real time optimization is where this had to go.” Mason explains.

“Groupon is a popular group-buying website offering daily deals and has experienced fast growth. It has attracted amounts of imitators and they sprang up all over the world.We treat this phenomenon by taking Groupon as an intermediary executing coordination between merchants and customers in the group-buying activities.” (The differences between Groupon and other group-buying

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