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Continental prioritise their product by producing a highly developed products and intelligent technologies as they want to provide the best solutions for each of their customer. It helps people to fulfil their dreams of mobility and produce the best solutions for their customers’ needs. Continental are very committed to serve their customer with their ethics values which are earn the trust we give, have the passion to win, grow with freedom and its responsibility, and attain top value with our team spirit as one Continental. Continental is aiming to produce intelligent and integrated systems for a safer automotive future.

Continental also make sure that they are comply with the four function of management which are planning,
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Chassis & Safety division have been developing and produces integrated active and passive driving safety technologies as well as products that support vehicle dynamics. Information management and Intelligent Systems are one of the most important part in the Interior division, which will give a wide range of products for every different vehicles in the world. While the Powertrain division improves and produces innovative and efficient system solutions for vehicle powertrain. Tyres offers the right tyres foe every vehicles in the world and ContiTech develops and produces functional parts, components and systems for the automotive industry and other key …show more content…
Your Freedom. Our Signature.
 Highly developed, intelligent technologies for mobility, transport and processing make up our world.
 We want to provide the best solutions for each of our customers in each of our markets.
 All of our stakeholders will thus come to recognize us as the most value-creating, highly reliable and respected partner.


 Help others around the world to fulfil their dreams of mobility. This also comprises the transport of persons, materials and information. We want to meet the high expectations of customer in this regard.

 We invent, develop, produce and market indispensable technological solutions that shape in particular the four mega trends.

 We excel in generating value. We do this in the most efficient, effective and innovative way. We maintain the highest of quality standards. We think and act holistically, systematically and in a networked manner. All of which is why we are faster than others with regard to transforming ideas into mass production.

 We make mobility and transport more sustainable, safer, more comfortable, more individual and affordable. Our contributions make driving an exciting experience.


 Trust
We earn the trust we

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