Nikola Tesla

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1.1 Introduction: Company Overview
Named after the inventor Nikola Tesla, Tesla Motors was founded in Silicon Valley on July 2003. It is an American motorized and energy conserving company that designs, develops, and sells electrics cars and vehicle powertrain gears and battery merchandise made in their factory in Fremont, California.
The founders wanted to introduce electric cars to the world which are environmentally friendly with no emissions and incredible power to show that electric cars can in fact be better than the normal cars that work on gasoline. They wanted electric cars to be more used and introduced into our roads.
1.2 Corporate Mission
Tesla’s goal now and always has been to quickly introduce environmentally friendly transport
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Tesla Roadster is a battery electric car that is the first highway capable completely electric car produced recently in America. More than 2,400 roadsters have been sold in 31 countries as of 2008. It costs $109,000 and to many governments around the world this car is considered very capable and encouraged. It also happens to be the first car to use lithium-ion battery and the first electric car to go over 320 km per charge.
In a champion ship called Federation Internationale de l’Automobile that involved a three day and 1,000 kilometer challenge, one of the formula one drivers drove a Tesla Roadster and beat 96 other competitors to win the championship which he won for range, efficiency and performance. In 2010 Tesla Roadster was the first electric car to win the Monte Carlo Alternative Energy Rally. It can travel approximately 245 miles at a single charge and depending on the model it can rush from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just between 3.7 and 3.9
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Crowd-sharing was a solution, where many electric car selling companies funded a campaign to help raise awareness about electric cars as people in the U.S are used to gas based cars. This could also be done in the UAE where other companies that sell environmentally friendly cars like Chevy and Tesla could fund a campaign and help raise awareness about electric cars, and people would be aware of the Tesla Roadster.
Another way to promote the Tesla Roadster is showrooms. Showrooms are used worldwide to display new car models that people may be interested in, and people could get the chance to go into the cars and see how they feel about the cars, and there would be trained members from Tesla that could answer any customer’s question. Showrooms could be placed also in shopping streets where people with higher income are located, and in UAE’s situation it could also be near the area of Dubai Mall or Jumeirah where there will be a higher chance of people buying something.

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