Self Checkout Research Paper

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As time passes everything around our advances in some way or another. One of them is machines which are starting to take over the working industry. Myriad people like this idea of machines starting to do all the work for us, yet there are those who deviate with this idea. These machines have proven to have advantages that prove various of their doubters wrong. One of the most beneficial advantages of advanced machines is that they can help us with work ,such as, in local stores where there are self-checkout stations. They speed up the process around the store, letting you waste less time paying for your items. In stores when you to and pay at a register there is usually one or two open ,but thanks to this self-checkout, you don’t have to wait for someone to attend you or wait in line for someone to finish paying because there are multiple machines around the store. In addition, these self-checkouts are always available even during late hours when the stores are open and no worker is around helping you pay.As a result, store managers are now starting to add more self-checkouts rather than having people on the checkout. Smart vehicles have also had a great impact on our lives dealing mainly with our transportation. In these past years, vehicles have had many new features added to them that make driving overall easier. For example, some of …show more content…
For instance, people say that these machines are not completely all reliable and they have flaws ,but in reality, machines are way more reliable than some humans. Machines can go up to work 24/7 and not complain about how much time they work. These machines don’t need to be paid any money because they don’t need it at all. All of the challenging work in the fields can also be done with these machines and no humans have to complain about how complicated it is working outside because machines are now starting to take

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