Essay on Case Study - New Hire Mismanagement

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Case Study: New Hire Mismanagement

Case Study: New Hire Mismanagement


When accepting the position of a Campus Recruiter for ABC, Inc., there were specific tasks and expectations that go along with the job title. The specific tasks were explained however, due to the improper planning and poor execution, the individual failed to deliver what was outlined in the job title. This paper will explain the failures due to improper planning, lack of experience and poor time management skills. Furthermore, areas that will be outlined from this case study will include various detailed causes as well as; different solutions to strengthen the recruiting department and prevent any further weaknesses.


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This will allow the recruiter to access the file and make sure that the candidate is ready to begin work or notify when there is an issue with that specific candidate.

Another alternative would be to hire an assistant recruiter or administrative assistant to process paperwork as well as, scheduling training rooms and ordering new hire training manuals, etc. Other options to consider would be to outsource the entire hiring process by using an outside recruiting company or using an agency to employ all the individuals that work for ABC Inc. A recruiting company would minimize and allow the human resources department to simplify duties such as, conducting final interviews of the candidates that have been previously screened by the recruiting company. Complete outsourcing of all personnel or employee leasing is costly however, it is another way to prevent cases like Carl Robbins, who failed to represent the company’s professionalism, screen the new hires and organize a new hire schedule. Employee leasing will remove all responsibilities of the employer including, candidate screening, payroll and benefits which would replace both the HR and payroll departments. Unfortunately, in doing this ABC, Inc. would no longer be eligible for the tax credits that are given when a company hires welfare to work or Veterans. Another downfall would be losing the ability to solve an

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