Case Study Malaysia Airlines

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3.0 Findings Malaysia Airlines Berhad (MAS) is a great company in Malaysia, it required plenty of manpower to form the organization. The organization represented by a group of deliberate arrangement of people brought together to accomplish a specific purpose. MAS organization group divided into 2 major elements: Board of directors and Senior Management. For the current motivation issues of MAS companies, we can refer back to the serious crisis that strongly affected the operations of whole MAS organization: The crisis of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370(MH370). After the crisis settle down, the company has considering restructuring which led to a wide range cut off staffing with estimated at least 5000 workforce abundant.
The impact of this crisis
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The leader plays an important role in influencing the other to resolve conflict and determine the future of a company. As mentioned above, Malaysia Airlines leadership has weakness in planning, they failed on handling the crisis of company which ended with great losses that might lead to bankruptcy. When such crisis happened, the morale of employees are sharply dropped because they are worrying about their future as their job might be cut down and starting to losses faith in MAS. Thus, the management of MAS should apply the vision trait which will helps in cope with changes to determine the future of the company. Meanwhile, the leaders are not just to give directions and instructions but also play an important role in collaborate and motivate among employees in order to raise the morale and let the employees stick together while facing …show more content…
The employees of a company is a fundamental element to strengthen one company, the organization managements should be more careful while making a critical decision which can solve the crisis and protect the employees at the same time. As Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs suggests “protection from threats” is very basic in the morale of an employee (Restructuring of MAS, n.d.), the company should put more effort in protecting their employees, because with low morale or motivation, the company employees cannot perform well in their workplace which will lead to negative reputation and even caused a draining of talents as their future or job is not

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