Essay on Case Study : Lincoln Electric Company

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Culture is the most powerful way of controlling and managing employee behaviors than organizational rules and regulations. Lincoln Electric Company is the one of world’s largest manufacturer of welding machines and electrodes having their own strong cultures. Their people-oriented cultures influenced on their turnover rate and the performance-oriented cultures exerted a favorable influence on employee behaviors, thinking and behavioral patterns. Their rules, incentive management, the performance appraisal system, the bonus plan and management styles were sufficient with the demands of their environment and kept their employees to be contented with the systems. Lincoln’s management model has achieved high worker productivity which has been well known for many years. His management style continued influencing the company and grabbed people’s attention constantly. The most attractive management system was incentive management plan. Incentives were provided to workers and what is paid to the workers is what they have earned and this was the symbol of employees’ success. Lincoln Company employees worked harder to produce more and to receive incentives. According to the reading, “each worker proceeded busily and thoughtfully about their tasks. The supervisors were busy with planning and record-keeping duties and hardly glace at the people they supervise”. This result confirmed that incentive system was efficient in increasing the productivity and motivated employees to…

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