Rural Metro Fire Department Case Study

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Like most companies, Rural/Metro Fire Department (RMFD) which is a subsidiary of American Medical Response (AMR), tries to dangle money in front of employees to drive better performance. Once a year the supervisor and employee sit down to complete this process. Once a year the supervisor dances in the middle of the review to speed up the process and be eligible for a small bribe to do more work next year. This process if done correctly, which it rarely is, can be beneficial to the company and the employee by providing honest feedback about good and bad performance areas. It also provides a means for career path development, again when done correctly. Correcting this is one of the biggest challenges that RMFD faces in addition to the lack …show more content…
The first group is made up of firefighters, captains and fire prevention personnel. This group is currently within a bargaining unit represented by the Old Pueblo Firefighters Association (OPFFA). Within the OPFFA contract, these employees follow a step process with guaranteed percentage increases awarded automatically based on numbers of years of service and job duties of the employee on the anniversary of their full-time hire date. Even though this group is guaranteed a merit increase each year depending on what step they are currently in, AMR still requires an annual evaluation, utilizing the graphic scale method, be completed on each …show more content…
This section reviews if the employee is meeting the job requirements of their position as written in their job description. The core competencies sections are RMFD specific and evaluate the employee’s ability to demonstrate the understanding of the competencies in their overall job performance. Commentary, including positive and negative is to be included in this section.
The essay (comments) section is used to provide a mechanism for the employee to express their comments and the manager to provide a narrative summary of the employee’s performance. This section focuses on specific strengths and weaknesses observed throughout the previous year. The overall performance section presents the employee’s performance summary data so progress (or regression) can be easily determined. The overall performance rating is derived from the ratings assigned in job objectives, core competencies and

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