Case Study : Iron Chef ( Ic ) Is A Small Family Owned Restaurant

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Context: Iron Chef (IC) is a small family owned restaurant offering fresh takeaway Asian cuisine. The business is located an area central to many families and individuals. It is key for them to supply fast and quality Asian take-away. If they can’t deliver on these key fundamentals they will not succeed. Their location in a popular shopping precinct ensures they have good exposure year round, and with the owners living near by, they can quickly attend to any uncertain or unexpected events. This helps increase effectiveness in the businesses operations.

Relationships: IC’s staff totals fourteen. Some roles involved on service nights are more specialised than others. The key roles include (but are not limited to) head chef, fry cook(s), food preparation (FP), customer service, and delivery driver. The interrelations between these create interdependencies. The head chef and fry cook is reliant on the FP staff for the ingredients, and customer service for the food orders to ensure they make the correct meal for the customer. The FP staff rely on both the owners for the expected demand for the night, and the head chef for any shortages. The delivery driver and customer service staff rely on all the previous roles mentioned to ensure they can deliver or hand over meals on time while they are still hot. While the tasks are very defined, joint specialisation is common, which can help reduce uncertainty in the event of an unexpected absence.

Outcomes: The end outcome for IC is to…

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