Case Study Analysis: Ge’s Talent Machine Essay

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Case Study Analysis: GE’s Talent Machine
Brandie Buffins
Grand Canyon University
HRM – 635 Acquiring, Developing, and Leveraging Human Capital
September 19, 2012

Case Study Analysis: GE’s Talent Machine
General Electric (GE) has been well known and valued for embracing quantifying talent as well as rising talent when it comes to leadership. This organization makes sure that this is a key factor when it comes to their business planning. GE requires learning sessions all year long, which entails outside organizations along with GE leaders to allocate amongst one another the best ideas out there for staff enhancement opportunities. Staff receives support in attending such training programs, spending at least 1billion dollars a year.
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Immelt had transferable skills from the previous companies he worked for and was able to transcend and adapt to GE’s culture. Immelt had a growth plan that was based off of services acceleration, technological leadership, globalization, enduring customer relationships, and resource reallocation. With those five keys in his hand and put into action, Immelt and GE knew he would be able to develop positioning the right people to coerce the endeavor. Also, the fact that Immelt was committing to forty percent of his time strictly for and on people issues meant a lot since GE’s focus was on its employees. Immelt stated, “My most important job is to attract talented and loyal people who work together effectively and to support them with a culture based on performance, teamwork, and integrity.” Just from those words one could already tell that Immelt has great management talent which every organization needs. Particularly to GE, knowing that Immelt was within the same culture that they abide by, met the critical components for hiring. Having the basic knowledge, skills and capability to lead GE was needed, therefore Immelt’s former experienced allowed GE to believe that he would be capable to blend in with GE’s existing team.
GE is an outstanding company not only because they are amongst top performers, but because they invest in their employee’s.

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