Case Study 2 Essay

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Case Study 2

Leti Raduca
Dr. Quatro
September 8th, 2013

Case Study 2

What elements, discussed in the case study, are important for someone who works in the field of human resources?

Human Resources department it is one of the most important departments when it comes to quality of personnel and their placement inside the company (Maxwell, 2001). In any organization, people are the most challenging resource to manage; therefore Human Resources representatives should be very vigilant when hiring new people. One of the few important things an HR representative needs to ensure is, that each new employee would fit into the company culture, understand each individual way of learning and craft a program for each
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Using his or hers analytical skills a HR manager could use data to translate and make based decisions that could eventually lead to the success of the organization. This lead to another skill necessary for someone to have, being an advanced user of technology. This is an extra advantage for someone to stay competitive in this market. “Many organizations are now working to create a customizable work experience for their employees, utilizing customization experiences familiar to those aimed at consumers by the marketing function.” (Smith, 2011). Employees’ satisfaction has become almost as important as customers’ satisfaction, to retain employees this study suggest that company have focus groups and surveys, where they can obtain information about employees likes or dislikes. With this information someone can easily learn about each individual needs. Having such of information would make it easily for someone to nurture the” workforce of one” by crafting specific programs for each individual. Building upon the already existing assets of the individual will make him or her more effective and in turn will lead to better results through higher performance.
With the employee in mind this brings up another skill required by a HR manager to have, developing talent. “Today's top human resources professionals serve as equal partners in the executive suite

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