Case Analysis: Sub-Continental Telecommunications Solution Essay

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Case Analysis: Sub-Continental Telecommunications Solution

Problem Identification

World Wide Telecommunications (WWT) attempted a joint venture with an Indian firm, a Subcontinental Software Solutions (SSS). This joint venture (JV) caused several symptoms; equipment difficulties, a sexual harassment, revised budget, and an intellectual property stealing. The problem was the failure of risk management and it resulted in the delays in finishing the software. The initial symptom of the delays in finishing software was equipment difficulties. First of all, the JV had no relationships with international banks. It caused to delay to order the equipment. The problem was a failure of risk management that unprepared unprecedented levels of
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If so, a JV should have prepared to prevent a fraud of an intellectual property. The several alternative solutions derived from the situation analysis will be upcoming solutions.
Alternative Solutions There are several options to decide continuing a JV; keeping a JV, buying out the SSS instead of a JV, and dissolve a JV. Firstly, Prior to discuss keeping a JV or not, more importantly the way to keep a JV should be discussed. The developed software has a huge potential. The ICC’s initial reaction is very positive. Even though Dev stole the software and the software is in danger of distributed illegally, the software Dev stole is yet the first phase of development. Two companies, WWT and SSS, can develop more rapidly with doing a JV if they improve several process of risk management. To well manage an operational risk management, the appropriate system should be set up. The possible system can be supervision. To work effectively, the board members should be supervised by each other to balance of power. Also, the supervisor can be hired from outside of company who is professional. Also, the human resource department should be strengthening. Well educated Indians or Indian American in an America institute can be hired and trained. They already are familiar with Indian culture and can give a better idea for the Indian market. Also, since they are educated by an America institute, they know

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