Career Plan For Becoming A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Choosing a profession to be stable both financially and job secure requires to have a career goal, to make the good research and to develop a good career planning. After graduating from high school, this is where most people start to think of having a career goal for the future life. There are many people who set a career goal since there were little while there were others who were unable to do so. When the students are unable to set a career goal that would be able to help them to develop a career plan, this can lead them to spend more time in school. As a result, this issue can even lead these students to take more classes, and it can even cause these students to drop out from school. Career planning consists of activities and actions that you take to achieve your individual career goals. In this paper there is a career development planning in how to become a nurse practitioner that is about to examine the roles of the advanced practice nurse within the context of the United States healthcare delivery system, and many other issues which may include Apply for DEA number, draw upon for professional support, and create your plan for lifelong learning and professional development.
For this assignment, you will develop your plan to become an NP.
The nursing profession is one of the youngest professions that is ever existed. As the youngest profession, the nursing career is full with many potentials and opportunities. To be a nurse practitioner, it requires in spending some…

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