Career Goal : Career Goals Essay

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Career Goal Rough Draft
My overall goal is to become a RN while obtaining my BSN and have a career at in the neonatal or pediatric field. I believe time management, hard work, dedication and the desire to succeed are important keys to success. My 3 goals to reach to accomplish my overall goal are to obtain my associate degree in nursing at TCC, seek and gain employment at a hospital and finally to apply and complete the RN-BSN program at UTA.
My first goal, obtain associate degree in nursing at TCC, is important to me for 3 reasons. The first, to be an inspiring example for my children. Second, I would like to learn more about this field of study. Third, I need to accomplish this goal to reach my ultimate goal.
The first action is to complete all my pre nursing courses with a high GPA, specifically in AP1, AP2, and microbiology. I need to earn a 3.5-4.0 GPA to be competitive when applying to the TCC nursing program. I will earn this GPA by attending all classes, studying and attending S.I sessions. I will also need to score high on the HESI A2. I will accomplish this by purchasing the HESI A2 study guide and using other resources to study. I plan to complete all pre nursing courses at TCC Trinity River Campus by 2017 fall semester. The second step would be to apply to the TCC nursing program. This would include attending information sessions and turning in my application packet with all documents. I plan to apply in August of 2017. The third step would be upon acceptance…

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