Career Exploration Plan Worksheet Essay

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UNIV/100 Career Exploration Plan Worksheet

For this assignment, you will research the website and use the My Career Plan tools on eCampus. To complete this assignment, follow the directions provided in each section.

You may refer to the completed example in the Week 3 Materials as a guideline. When you complete each section, submit this document to your Week 3 Assignment 1 link on your student website.

Save this document so you can reference it as you work on building your career plan in your future University of Phoenix courses.

Section 1: Career Research

1. Go to and browse the available degrees, then complete the following table.
2. List the degree programs you are interested
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| |
|2 Office and Administrative |Sets clearly defined objectives; plans activities |Brokerage Clerks, Bookkeeping, Accounting, and|
|Support |and projects well in advance and takes account of |Auditing Clerks, Patient Representatives |
| |possible changing circumstances; identifies and | |
| |organizes resources needed to accomplish tasks; | |
| |manages time effectively; monitors performance | |
| |against deadlines and milestones. | |
|3 Legal |Works strategically to realize organizational |Judicial Law Clerks, Paralegals and Legal |
| |goals; sets and develops strategies; identifies and|Assistants, Title Examiners, Abstractors, and |
| |develops positive and compelling visions of the |Searchers |
| |organization's future potential; takes account of a| |

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