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CAPSTONE PROJECT WRITING GUIDE Chapter | Subsections | What to write | Sample Output | Introduction | 1.1 Project Context | a. Set the basic context
* What is the big picture for the problem you are working with? b. State the research Question
* What will you do in your project and what problem will you solve? c. Summarize your approach
*how will you do that? | Cloud computing is considered to be a new computing paradigm where applications, data and Information Technology services are provided over the internet. A very important factor is cloud computing research is task management which plays a key role in ensuring an efficient system. Task scheduling problems are premier considerations which relate to the efficiency
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User submissions: Users will be encouraged to e-mail files with sample templates and tools to the Webmaster. The Webmaster will forward the files to the appropriate person for review and then post the additional files, if desired. 3. -------------------------------------------------
Articles: Any articles posted on the site will have appropriate copyright permission. The preferred format for articles will be in PDF files. The project manager may approve other formats. | Literature Review | 2.1 Related Literature / Theoretical Background 2.2 Related Studies | What to extract from a reading? * Subject * Task (what results or methods are presented? * Significance ( what’s important?) * Relationship to other work (what’s relevant? What’s new or different with respect to others? * Relationship to your work (does it support your research or not?) | | Technical Background | 3.1 Technicality of the project 3.2 Details of the technologies to be used 3.3 How the project will work | | | Methodology | 4.1 Environment (only for org-specific capstone project) * Locale * Population of the Study * Organizational Chart/Profile 4.2 Requirements Specifications * Fishbone Diagram * Functional Decomposition Diagram * Compatibility checking (hardware / software and other technologies) *

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