Capstone Project Reflection

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Overall Reflection Finally, it is time to take a breath and think big picture. Completing the capstone project was exciting yet very challenging. The exciting part of DAT650 and DAT690 is the ability to connect the dots, to piece together everything that is learned throughout this Data Analytics Program. While it extremely disappointing to deliver unexpected failed results, the process of the whole capstone itself was fruitful though challenging. The element of surprise The format and the settings of the capstone remain consistent with all the previous courses, which is great! The workload, on the other hand, was much heavier than expected. In the syllabus and rubrics, the assignments seem to be reasonably do-able, the unforeseen surprises was the obstacle that added to the stress. In DAT650, a new laptop was purchased hoping for efficiency, the unexpected surprise was the inability to download R and all its necessary packages. In DAT690, the surprise of computer virus and a need to reinstall R was something unexpected and not foreseeable. All these surprises added more stress to the amount of workload that is required for the capstone. The creation of the flowchart was a new format, however, applying professional knowledge and experience, together with the sample provided, 2 flowcharts were created without …show more content…
The ups came when new ideas were generated, plans and thoughts were pieced together and the downs came when the model failed and resulted high error rates. With these ups and downs, it is obvious to learn that research and independent learning is a personal strength, while applying what is learned is a personal weakness. Going forward, in order to overcome the personal weakness, practicing how to execute certain models might be able to improve this weakness. Consulting with a teammate or collaboration with a mentor might be helpful for feedback and

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