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Reminders: 1. All Italic words are reminders only. These are instructions on what should be the contents of every category. Read them carefully and follow the instructions. 2. All words that are normal in fonts are sample statements in every category or subtopic. You can use them as guide in writing your own. But remember that these are only sample statements, therefore, you should not imitate the length but you have to lengthen the statements based on the details that you have to deliver. 3. Statements with no particular formatting and are enclosed with () must be decided which information to write since there will be two sample phrases inside the symbols. 4. All words enclosed
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Zapanta, Robert V. (Alphabetically arranged by Last name)

April 2014 (The batch month and year)

Prepared by: RMF & AYCM Software Engineering

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ABSTRACT Dela Cruz, Juan A., Flores, Rhozen M., Mangalino, Ace York C., Reyes, Peter C., Zapanta, Robert V., “Palawan State University – College of Sciences Computerized Profiling System”, prepared and submitted to the Faculty of the College of Sciences, April 2014. Adviser: Mr. John T. Cross

Each Capstone Project must include a one-page abstract. The abstract is a brief summary of the Capstone Project, which sets out the essential ideas of the project. For a traditional academic thesis project, it should typically include a statement of the problem, a summary of the methodology used, the argument, the nature of the proof or evidence, and the conclusion. For a project in the Creative category, the abstract should typically include a statement of the concept, the context of the work, a discussion of the medium/processes used in the project’s creation, and the conclusion. It should be single spaced.

Prepared by: RMF & AYCM Software Engineering

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APPROVAL SHEET The Capstone Project entitled PALAWAN STATE UNIVERSITY – COLLEGE OF SCIENCES COMPUTERIZED PROFILING SYSTEM prepared and submitted by Juan A. Dela Cruz, Rhozen M. Flores, Ace York C. Mangalino, Peter C. Reyes, and Robert V. Zapanta has been examined and is recommended for approval and acceptance. RECOMMENDED:



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