Cape Town Short Story

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- Friend...
- No, friend.

- Sorry.
- Are you alright, bra?

Yes, bra. Sorry.

- I 'll look where I 'm going.
- Oh.

Friend, order us some meat.

I won 't deny my crime.

Don 't plead guilty. You 're innocent.

He spent all the money in hotels, casinos and on expensive clothes.

To be honest, you 're the only person I trust.

I know you can help us fix everything.

Please help me, my sister.

Are you okay, my boy?

- Can you see your mothers?
- Our prayers have been answered.

I went to the police.
But things don 't just happen in one day.

Do something before another sentencing date is set.


I came as soon as I heard that they almost killed you and sent you to hell.

I hope that you 've come here...

to tell me the good
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Friend, we 're not just going there for the mountains.

- You know what they say about Cape Town?
- What?

Friend, 90% of the men in Cape Town are gay.

- You lie! I like that.
- I 'm serious.

But no, friend.

- I can 't go, friend.
- Aw, shame, friend.

Friend, running a business is no joke.

- You 're such a bore.
- We could go to our own Miami.

- Where? Umdloti?
- Yes, we could have a picnic...

and watch dolphins playing.

Hello, dad.

I 've brought you some lunch.

It 's your favourite.

Dad, we can 't go on like this forever.

We have to talk about this.

Dad, I understand if you have nothing to say to me.

But at least hear my side of the story, please.

Good afternoon.



- Am I interrupting?
- Not at all. I was just about to go get lunch.

- Keep an eye here. I 'll be back just now.
- Okay.

Please bring me some vetkoeks.

- Are you okay?
- Oh, yeah. I 'm okay.

- Would you like some lunch?
- Yes, I 'd love some.

- I cooked it myself.
- Wow!

It looks very delicious.

Look, I have to go.

- See you.
- Goodbye.

Tell me, friend...

in the whole of KwaMashu not a single person wanted to do their hair today?

Don 't beat yourself up.
I only had one client
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Please talk to Dhlomo.

Tell him that you still need to monitor me so that I make a full recovery.

Please. Please.

Okay, look here.

If you help me out...

I 'll give you something that 'll make you happy.

Something to make you comfortable and happy.

One week. I 'll give you one week.


Thank you, Doctor!

Hello, my girl. How are you?

Hello, Fikile. I 'm glad that you 're here...

so you can tell us what happened.

Fikile, my girl...

You were close to Pastor Nkosi, right?

- What do you mean?
- We haven 't called you here to accuse you of anything.

We want to know everything that he got up to.

Nkosi was using me.

First, he said he could see the holy spirit in me.

And then he said the Lord had chosen me for him...

but he was sleeping with Esther.

- I don 't know who else he rubbed with oil.
- No, my girl!

Forget about sleeping with Esther.

We just want to know how he spent the money?
Where is it?

The church tithes...

He spent them like they were his.

I never spent even a cent.

But he bought me a few things.

He spent a lot of it on himself.

And he gambled.

- He gambled?
- Yes, we often went out to casinos.

Remember when he said he was praying on the

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