Can A Community College Benefit You? Essay

2022 Words Dec 17th, 2014 null Page
Can a Community College Benefit You? Choosing the best route can be hard to do especially just three months after graduating from high school. Students have many options that they can choose from and sometimes decide on an option that doesn’t offer the best of benefits for them. A lot of times, the student is tired of school and does not want to commit to another 4 years of education for multiple reasons. Even the students that do go on and further their education after high school, do not get enough training or experience at the time for the jobs they may want down the road and may wish to go back and get more of the training they do need when that time comes. Community Colleges can provide students with an affordable, 21st century education focused on entering the workforce. The ability to have a flexible schedule can make going to school a lot less stressful. Students often feel like they are unable to attend a college after high school for the need of other things that they find have more of a priority in their life. If the student plans on having a job while attending college, community colleges offer night classes and more schedule options ( This can allow the student to still do what they prefer while they also are able to find the right time to further their education. If a person is already employed and has been for a while and it comes time that they are required to have more training, a community college would be a convenient close by choice…

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