C200 Task1 Essay

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Task 1: Organization and Leadership Analysis

Assessment Code: C200-Task 1
Name: Nongbzanga Tiendrebeogo
ID: 464060
Date: 25/9/2015
Mentor Name: Michelle Caldwell

Table of Contents

Acacia Overview 3
Acacia Description 3
Leadership Practices at Acacia 4
Relationship Between Leadership and Organizational Culture at Acacia 5 SWOT Analysis of Acacia 7
Organizational Strengths of Acacia 7
Organizational Weaknesses of Acacia 8
Organizational Opportunities of Acacia 8
Organizational Threats of Acacia 9 Leadership Evaluation at Acacia 10
Leadership Strengths at Acacia 10
Leadership Weaknesses at Acacia 11
Recommendations for Leadership Development at Acacia 12
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A commitment and a vision of many young Puerto Rican individuals who believed in improving community were the roots of Acacia.
Originally called Services for Education and Rehabilitation in Addiction (SERA), Promesa, Inc, was founded in 1969andled by Frank Gracia. The organization was legally incorporated as Hispanic Association For A Drug Free Society, Inc. Promesa became the new name of the organization in March 1978. Promesa began by providing substance abuse treatment and primary health care to the underserved South Bronx communities. A couple of years later, Promesa expended his support to the community by adding affordable and supportive housing. These attributes included strong leadership, quality service for customers, “one stop shopping”, and a focus on a fee for service structure (Russi, 1969).
Leadership Practices at Acacia

I can categorize Ms. Jenny as a charismatic leader because she has the ability to inspire and motivates her employees despite obstacle and personal sacrifice. She has those three ways of impacting described in the book. Her stat vision of an imagined future that we identify with makes the department more effective. I will qualify my manager as one who models the way. She “Clarify her Values” and “Set an Example”. Her ability to understand and empathize with employee makes us more give more commitment to the organization. Empowering and trusting us employees to

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