Business Strategy Of A Business Essay

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Do you ever see hundreds of McDonald’s, Wendy’s, KFC, or even Wal-Marts, all over the world? Do you ever wonder how all these companies are being ran by one person? In fact, several people are running these businesses. So business owner over business owner type of deal. Andrew Brooke once said, the beauty of the Franchise is that people buy a brand and a system. With a franchise, you pay a fraction of what it would cost to do it on your own (>). One person owns the brand that is considered the Franchisor, but several others “Franchisee” operate the brand. This type of business strategy can be helpful in many ways. It gives you the freedom to invest your assets into a company that already has a business system. Franchising was started back in the Renaissance period centuries ago in Europe. The word franchised constituted to mean “freedom” in the middle ages. During this time, local vendors would give their rights to serfs or even peasants, to gather materials, host fairs or even operate business under its name. Issac M. Ginger (1811-1875) was the first to be credited for starting the modern use of franchising in the U.S. (FranChoice). He used his invention of the sewing machine as a model to raise the money he didn’t have at first, franchising proper instructions for the use of the machine to retailors & for the rights to sell the machine. The partners who were associated with Ginger, founded a business plan of gathering liked minded individuals that would be open to…

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