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Company Analysis: Wal-Mart

Wal-mart Stores Inc is a United States based company started in 1962 in Arkansas. The company has grown exponentially to open branches in many parts of the world. It operates in three formats: United States based segment, abroad/international segment, and Sam’s Club. Through the three segments, the company owns and runs stores (retail and discount), chains of
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The third strategy, labeled Wining in Global ecommerce seeks to harness the power of information technology in driving growth. The launch of @WalmartLabs is the precursor to this strategy and there are plans to replicate it in other countries such as Britain and Canada. With a growing online population, the company plans to expand its presence in social media so as to reach as many people as possible. The fourth strategy involves reinvigoration of the customer-centered culture. The growth of the company has been driven by the company and as indicated earlier, there is a strategy to hit a 95% customer satisfaction. The last strategy is directed towards retention of legitimacy and maintaining a good relationship with the society and community around the company’s premises and beyond. Dubbed Leading on social and environment issues, the strategy will drive Wall-marts corporate social responsibility activities. Through philanthropy, educational support, and women empowerment, the company intends to promote and maintain its corporate integrity.
Financial Condition

According to the financial report for the year ending 2012, Wall-mart’s financial results are good. The table below gives the 2012 financial summary of the company.
Source: Financial Reporting and Analysis (34)
Operating Results
Net sales $443,854
Net sales increase 5.9%
In the United States 1.6%
Wal-Mart U.S.

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