Business Strategy Analysis Essay

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Business Strategy

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According to Kourdi (2009) ‘Business strategy is the set of activities where business combines mission, vision and goals of business and goes forward to achieve them’. Every business combines strategic plan and activities to achieve their goals. In other aspect it can be said business strategy is the subject by which an organisation make their roadmap
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Business has a close monitoring on these people and also prioritises these people as top level of stakeholders.
Low influence, high interest: this group of people do not have direct dealing or participation with the organisation but they have a strong interest on the organisation which makes the organisation more inspired to go forward. For better business purpose organisations try to keep informing these groups and collect feedback monthly or yearly.
Low influence, low interest: this group or individual neither have interest nor influence in the company or organisation. Organisation’s mission is to keep informed these sorts of individual.
An organisation’s success or achievement mostly depends on selecting appropriate stakeholders with whom they can jointly work towards goal. However, Kelloggg is the world’s leading producer of cereal and has reached the top place in producing convenience foods. Kellogg products are manufactured in 18 countries and marketed in more than 180 countries around the world and it has more than 28000 employees over the world (Kellogg, 2011). Employees, directors are the internal stakeholders of Kellogg who have strong interest and influence on its every operational activity. As an external stakeholder, Kellogg comprises environment, consumer, community, government, etc. These groups have great influence and interest in the growth and reduction of profit of Kellogg, so Kellogg has to monitor the overall activities

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