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Business Problem: Grocery America
The current state of the American economy has businesses across the country scrambling to find new ways to gain competitive advantages and improve their chances of survival. Companies large and small are facing tough times, and Grocery America is no exception. This large and well-known chain of retail grocery stores has been in business for nearly 25 years but now finds itself struggling to stay afloat. Currently the number five grocery retailer in the country, the company will have to find a way to climb to the lead position in its market to remain in business. By identifying the main problem for the company and preparing a plan for answering some basic research questions, Grocery America can begin its
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Research will be taken from multiple grocery chains, covering customer service areas, as those are the most influential factors in which a customer will look at when choosing a grocer. Therefore, this will be closely researched along with what customers appreciate about Grocery America over other grocers. The primary data source will be the in-store survey for the current Grocery America location as well as the three surrounding locations. The survey will be approximately eight questions, which will vary in answer. The first question on the survey will be to find the gender of the person taking the survey. It is important to know who the primary gender is that handles the household shopping. Marketing can be handled in different ways depending on a person’s gender. The other questions will consist of 3 multiple choice, 2 yes or no, and one detailed question which will give the customer the ability to give the feedback they want. There will be surveys conducted amongst customers of other local competing stores. There will also be a mystery shopper program created in order to see firsthand why others are shopping at those other stores. See Appendix A for survey details.
Sampling plan

The Samples will be drawn from the regular customers and the customers who are just drop-ins, when they cannot find an item elsewhere. The samples will be drawn seven days a week and during peak business hours of operation. The

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