Ethical Ethics Of Wegmans

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“Ethics is the moral principles that governs a person or group 's behavior. To be ethical is of or relating to moral principles or the branch of knowledge dealing with these.(2)” One of the most ethical companies to work for is Wegmans Food Markets INC. Wegmans, built in 1906 and family owned is a well-known grocery store. Wegmans was “ranked number four on FORTUNE magazine’s 2016 list of the one hundred Best Companies to Work For. Wegmans has been on the list every year since it first ran in 1998, and in 2005, ranked #1.(1)” Each year Wegmans asks its employees to take a survey on their work experience. They also ask their customers to participate and ask them questions on their shopping experience. Wegmans employee’s value working with this …show more content…
In conjunction with the shopper’s club card, not only does it give you discounts, but also, when there are recalls, Wegmans is able send out letters and emails to the consumers who purchased that item. They are able to do that through the shopper’s club card because in order to get one you must enter your home address, as well as phone number to receive coupons, and for them to send you your shopper’s club card. For example when Wegmans recalled their bagged frozen spinach for potential Listeria contamination. Not only did Wegmans put this information out on their website, but they also were able to notify each person that purchased this item through their shopper’s club card. They also listed directions for consumers who purchased the product including, giving them a number to contact Wegmans consumer affairs for further information and concerns. As a result, Wegmans getting the issue out to everyone and not waiting to see if an actual issue or concern arises shows that Wegmans is an ethical company. It also shows their devotion to the community that they are serving. Moreover, it shows that they respect their duties and obligations to take care of ethical dilemmas that occur in their organization. Furthermore, it shows that they respect their values and live up to their standards. …show more content…
Wegmans has been upfront with everything that has happened and has gotten ahead of the problem before it ever had the chance of getting worse. Wegmans has done a great job at ensuring the safety of their customers as well as employees. Wegmans has stuck to their mission statement and their core values. Withal, Wegmans has been able to upheave such an ethical company because they have leaders, manager, and an overall great team that leads by example. Moreover, they have implemented a great system that allows for customer and brand loyalty. Not only does this company give back to their community, but to its employees as well. Wegmans prides itself on their community service, partnerships, and diversity work place. Furthermore, Wegmans will continue to thrive as one of the most ethical companies to work for because of its positive atmosphere, organization, and manager as well as employees that carry themselves with

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