Business Plan of Nestle Essay

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NESTLE PAKISTAN (nestle pure life)

NESTLE PAKISTAN 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Name and Address: Nestlé Pakistan Limited 308 – Upper Mall, Lahore - 54000, Pakistan PABX: (042) 111 637 853 Fax: (042) 35789303-4 Email:

Corporate Office Annex: 304, 309 – Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan. Board of Directors:

Mr. Syed Yawar Ali
Chairman (308-Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan)

Mr. Ian J. Donald
Managing Director (308-Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan)

Mr. Giuseppe Bonanno
Director (308-Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan)

Mr. Edouard Simond
Director (308-Upper Mall, Lahore, Pakistan)

Mr. Pierre Schaufelberger
Director (Avenue Nestlé 551800 VeveySwitzerland)

Mr. Syed Babar
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Nestlé S.A. ranks as the leading worldwide food and Beverage Company, with brands known and respected in virtually every corner of the world. The Nestlé logo, derived from the coat of arms of the Nestlé family (which translates to “little nest”), depicts a mother bird perched on a nest, feeding her young. The logo is a symbol, not only of the Nestlé commitment to the pursuit of nutritional excellence, but also to its dedication to nurturing the natural world.
Nestlé Waters Key Dates
1843: Henri Nestlé, a young assistant pharmacist in Vevey, Switzerland, sets up his first lemonade, mineral water and seltzer water factory, thus becoming one of the first producers of ready-to-serve drinks in the Swiss market. An economic crisis in the late 1840s forces him to close his “water factory”
1867: Henri Nestlé proves himself to be a genuine visionary in food and nutrition when he creates the first baby-milk cereal, bringing fame to his company, which still bears his name.
1969: Nestlé S.A. returns to bottled water, acquiring a 30 percent stake in the Société Générale des Eaux Minérales de Vittel, in France
1987: Nestlé S.A. takes a majority stake in Vittel
1992: The Source Perrier S.A. Group is acquired, and Nestlé becomes the leading player in the world bottled water market, under the name Nestlé Sources International (NSI)
1996: NSI changes its name to accelerate its international development and

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