Business Plan For An Internship Essay

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There are several courses that were beneficial in preparing me for this internship. The first and most evident is MRKT 4328 Advertising. I did an entire advertising plan for this company and this was the class that helped with the most. The second course that helped was MRKT 3330 Brand Management. There was a substantial amount of material I learned in that class that I used for the advertising materials. For example, being consistent throughout your entire brand and knowing what consumers look for in a good brand are two concepts that I used in this internship. Other classes, such as MRKT 3332 Consumer Behavior and MRKT 3316 Sales Management, assisted in looking at the advertising materials through a consumer’s point of view. This was useful in creating all the advertisements. An entrepreneurship class would have been beneficial because it would have provided some solid background into entrepreneurship coming into the internship. The internship site was interesting. The office space itself is extremely unorganized, as well as the staff. For example, there are several parts and equipment lying in the office, which is where customers come in to discuss their needs. From the outside, it is not welcoming to consumers at all. The building and the office space are extremely outdated and uninviting. When someone walks in, they feel as though they are in the late 90s or early 2000s. If they became more organized, I think NGU could send additional students there. But if they do…

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