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Evaluating Patient Fall in
Hospitals 1

Evaluating Patient Falls in Hospitals

Michael Carter
Southern Illinois University
August 12, 2012

Evaluating Patient Falls
In Hospitals 2

Abstract Hospitalization represents a vulnerable time for elderly people. The presence of acute illness, an unfamiliar environment, and the frequent addition of new medications predispose an elderly patient to such iatrogenic hazards of hospitalization as falls, pressure ulcers, and delirium.1 A fall is a seminal event in the life of an elderly person. Even a fall without injury can initiate a vicious circle that begins with a fear of falling
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The aim is to describe the design of a study that assesses the effectiveness of prevention and intervention strategies implemented to lessen multiple fall risk factors in independently living older persons with a high risk of falling.
For decades, hospitals and other health care organizations have integrated to understand the contributing causes of falls, to minimize their occurrence and resulting injuries or deaths. Today, organizations have begun reaching out to each other for collaboration on the best ways to prevent falls. Of those who fall, as many as half may suffer moderate to severe injuries that reduce mobility and independence, and increase the risk of premature death. The mortality and financial burdens attributed to patient falls in hospitals and other healthcare settings are among the most serious risk management issues facing the healthcare industry. For the patient and resident, consequences include, but are not limited to, fracture, soft tissue or head injury, fear of falling, anxiety, and depression when making an attempt to analyze and implement intervention strategies to falls, we must first examine the factors that cause these incidents. It is generally accepted that

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