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The conference is over and the boss wants the project wrapped up with an accession on best practices that can be shared with the rest of the organization. Strong leadership practices will need to be put into place to ensure managers receive the best accession. Project managers will need to adhere to the highest level ethics while measuring the progress of this project from the beginning to the closure. Steps will need to be taken to determine the effectiveness of the project.

Describe the leadership practices you would incorporate into this project.

A leader should lead by example. “Often, when faced with uncertainty, people look to others for cues as to how to respond and demonstrate a propensity to mimic the behavior of
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Ethics are defined as the moral values, beliefs, and rules that one upholds in their life on the job and personally to ensure right from wrong.” (AlexisW, 2009) Project managers are often pressured into altering their work. It is important the audit is conducted and produce accurate information for a repeat occurrence. Mangers are pressured to alter data of status reports, backdate signatures, and approve incomplete work. “To provide greater clarity of business ethics, many companies and professional groups publish a code of conduct.” (Gray & Larson, 2006, p. 327) Code of ethics is usually posted in high traffic areas such as a break room. Some people view them as wall coverings. For the project the code of ethics will be given to each employee. They will be asked to sign a contract stating they have received the information and will ask questions if they are uncertain of the contents. A rule of thumb to adhere by is to not do anything you would not want on the news. Project managers should build trust with team members. Team members need to feel comfortable with addressing ethical concerns with managers and not fear retaliation due to reporting wrong doing.
Create and describe a process for measuring the progress of this project. Tracking the progress of the project will require a check of sheet and due dates for each item with a check off point completion timeline. The project will be broken down into several states with a timeline for

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