Bus 415 Week 3 Learning Team Synopsis of Tort Cases Paper

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BUS 415 Week 3 Learning Team Synopsis of Tort Cases Paper
To Buy This material Click below link http://www.uoptutors.com/BUS-415/BUS-415-Week-3-Learning-Team-Synopsis-of-Tort-Cases-Paper Write a minimum of a 350-word synopsis for each scenario in which you answer the following statements: o Indentify each possible tort action by stating the legal claim and the plaintiff and defendant for the legal claim o Provide an analysis of how each possible tort action will be resolved, which will involve stating the key legal elements of each tort claim and also describing any viable legal defenses that the defendant may have
Scenario 1: Daniel and his son Ruben, age 8, go to a football game. The quarterback drops back to throw a pass,
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Malik is pointing a gun at Daniel. The gun is not loaded, but he wants to scare Daniel. Unfortunately, Daniel has a concealed weapon and, believing himself threatened, shoots Malik. Malik’s wife starts screaming and phones for an ambulance and the police. Before the police and ambulance arrive, Daniel slips into a diabetic coma.
Scenario 2: Anna orders a meal in an Italian restaurant. After her food is served, she takes a bite and cries out in pain. She has bitten down on a piece of glass. Upon hearing Anna’s cry, another waiter who is pouring wine at a nearby table spins around and bumps into Anna’s waiter, who is carrying a flaming dish. The flaming dish tilts onto Anna’s waiter, and his apron catches fire. He rips it off and casts it aside, where it ignites another tablecloth. People start screaming and run for the door, but because it is a revolving door, only one or two people can leave at a time. An old lady is trampled by the crowd and is seriously injured. Several other patrons suffer smoke inhalation and burns, but finally, everyone is out.
When the ambulances and fire engines arrive, Anna is among those transported to the emergency room. Her mouth is bleeding profusely, and she is becoming weak. The emergency room doctor tells Anna that immediate surgery will be necessary to stop the bleeding and save her tooth. She is immediately prepped for surgery. While she is unconscious, the

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