BUS 311 Final Paper

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Acme Fireworks
Laura Miranda
BUS 311 Business Law I
George Holbrook
November 9, 2014

As the owner of Acme Fireworks you have asked me, you manager, to review and explain some ideas to you. In the following pages I have explained the potential personal liability for injuries to consumers and what must be on our labels for safety. Analyzed the newly formed contracts with the retailers and the employment and expansion that are needed for Acme to go along with the new contracts, and then concluding with the change of the business entity. As we go forward with the growth of the business, we want to be sure things are done properly and that we will meet or exceed our consumer and customers’ standards at Acme
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Once we have the hiring going we will need to watch our scheduling to ensure that we follow the proper Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 on the regulations, minimum wage hours worked, overtime, employee breaks and we also follow the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 for the continued health and safety of the business (Rogers, 2012). We want to ensure that employees, both current and new have the understanding of what we expect of them as well as their rights. To do that we need to gather up important information that each employee should know at all times, including the US regulation on handling and storing the explosive powers and form an employee handbook. In the employee handbook we need to include: Non-Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Statements, Compensation, Work Scheduling, Standard of Conduct, General Employment Information (Labor Laws, Minimum Wedge, and Termination Policy), Safety and Security, Media Relations, Employee Benefits and Leave Policies (Small Business Administration 2014). We can have this book on the production floor, available to take home and available to read on one in the break room computers.
With the above changes into place I would like to make one more suggestion, as the Manager of the Acme Fireworks with all the new contracts and the new employees I would like to recommend that we move to a small warehouse located down by the docks in the marina area that has not been in use

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