Essay on Burger King Beef Pattie Recall

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Burger King Beef Pattie Recall

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes into your Burger King burgers? Burger King consumers in Britain and Ireland got informed first hand that equine off-cuts had permeated Burger King’s beef patties and the news of Burger Kings equine meat slip up hit the news in late January 2013.
The Burger King Corporation apologizes to its consumers that they have not been able to provide 100 percent beef patties after testing suggested that the patties contained a mixture of beef and equine offcuts. The fast food chain, who had been denying this issue for weeks, has more than 500 UK outlets, and had earlier given a series of ‘absolute assurances’ that its products were not involved (Daily Mail). With the equine
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It is known that the management at Silvercrest has been using a series of non-approved ingredients in their burgers including small trace levels of equine DNA which includes horse and donkey off-cuts (Daily Mail). The contamination had supposedly been going on for at least six months and the meat off-cuts have been imported from a non-approved supplier in Poland according to the Irish Department of Agriculture. Talk about cheap filler for your burgers.
Silvercrest Foods provided beef for Burger King restaurants in the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark (KDVR). Silvercrest foods has since undergone a total management change at the facility where the horse meat was discovered, and has established a comprehensive DNA testing procedures to address the issue going forward (KDVR).
With the equine cut-offs contaminating the beef market and possibly being mislabeled as beef from a non-approved Polish supplier, these meat cut-offs could have come from Romania where there has been fraudulent sale of horse meat due to horse/donkey drawn carts being a banned form of transportation and the struggling citizens therefore sent their horses to be slaughtered and the equine meat has in turn permeated the European beef market and now no one knows what some of the meats produced by some facilities really are (Infowars). Even though Poland is being targeted as the main source of the equine meat off-cuts, the meat could very well have come from any of the twenty seven

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