Burger King Personal Statement

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Advertisements generally only serve one purpose. Advertisements are only used to persuade people to do something or continue doing something. When you look at an advertisement you only see what you want to see. While looking at a Burger King advertisement I noticed that the advertisement was more than just burgers and fries. The Burger King advertisement conveys a happy black family enjoying a meal together. The advertisement is trying to convince people that if they purchase their meals from Burger King they could be just as happy as the family in the advertisement. The advertisement was made in 1976. Burger King is one of the largest fast food chains in the United States. It was founded in 1954 and it has been successful for over fifty years (Great Food Comes First). This particular advertisement was very controversial. It was controversial because it included a black family instead of a white …show more content…
I believe that one of the reasons they chose to use a black family instead of a typical Caucasian family is to manipulate minorities into purchasing their meals from Burger King. You can tell from analyzing the advertisement that people were really concerned with family during the 70 's. Family was especially important to African Americans. African Americans may purchase their meals from Burger king just because they believe their family will be like the family in the advertisement. It gives them a sense of hope.
In conclusion, the Burger King advertisement displays that people of all ethnicities, even minorities value family and happiness. I believe the advertisement shows more than just a black family. The image shows that most people have the same values regardless of their ethnic background. The image also goes against some stereotypes that black people have. When looking at the image you would assume that the family owns the home that they are sitting in. It is something that would be especially rare in the

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