Bullying: The Rise Of Cyberbullying

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When looking at bullying today versus bullying in the past, there has been quite the advancement. Bullying in the past, while it was not good in theory, it was much better than bullying today in a sense. Bullying used to be confined to the playground or the lunch room. Children made it through their difficult day, but went home to a place that felt safe. Children had to worry about the following day and what it might bring, but had some time to escape the cruelty of peers. Today with the many advancements of technology and the way some children have been raised, bullying has taken a huge step for the worst. This advancement has been termed “cyberbullying”. Children have phones, tablets, laptops, and many social media sites and applications …show more content…
Usually this behavior is deliberate and occurs over and over and could cause harm in different ways to the victim at hand. Cyberbullying can cause emotional, psychological, and sociological issues. Adolescents are still trying to find themselves at this stage of life, these isssues disrupt normal, positive behavior needed for a positive self image. The internet is a great source for information and is used vastly throughout the school period for homework so it is hard to stay away from the cyber world. Social apps that are the norm in highschool make it even harder. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others are considered have to have by teens and while parents could keep these off-limits they would be subjecting them to bullying by doing so. According to a survey by The Salt Lake Tribune in 2011, “56 percent have been victim of some type of online taunting, harassment or bullying. One-third have been involved in “sexting”, the sharing of naked photos or videos of sexual activity. Among those involved 4 out of 10 say their partner has used computers or cellphones to abuse or control them”. This is an extremely high number that is still growing. Some only deal with one instance of cyberbullying, however Evans (2012) states 23% of a poll taken said bullying lasted for a year or more, and 40% reporting the abuse lasting for …show more content…
Cyberbullying can be based upon many issues. Weight issues, appearance issues, and relationship or sexual issues are brought up. This can lead to physical issues such as anorexia, bulimia, and many other extreme behavior changes like depression or worse. Some that are subjected to cyberbullying just cannot get over the traumatic experience and it’s after effects. Usually, those that feel that way are a victim of multiple cyberbullying encounters. Many feel like they just are not good enough. Suicide has been on the rise in frequency. “From 2008-2009, 8.3 million individuals younger than 18 years of age reported having suicidal thought and 1 million reported making a suicide attempt (CDC, 2012)”. In conclusion, cyberbullying is very vicious. It can cause so many physical, mental, and psychological issues that should be avoided, and due to the rise in suicide related to cyberbullying, it should be monitored. “Bullies are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol, and perform poorly in school, and one in four bullies has a criminal record by age 30 years (Ball, Bindler & Cowen, 2015)”. Bullying in the school should be monitored, and a no bullying policy should be put in place to include

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