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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. All of these social media have a common interest. They are all the sites of cyber bullying. Places where kids go to hide behind a computer screen and attack other children. Cyberbullying has taken a major jump in the last ten years. When I was growing up we first started talking about it but no one I knew actually was being bullied online. Now I know many people that suffer with being bullied online. Cyberbullying has been thrown under the rug and many people have gotten away with it because no one knows how to deal with it. I am choosing to write about what Cyberbullying does to these victims and what we can do to put a stop to it. Cyberbullying is when one person puts something hurtful or embarrassing …show more content…
Cyberbullying has most of the same effects of all the other forms of bullying. The victim goes through depression, sadness. They feel like they are alone and the only one being Cyberbullied that’s why they won’t reach out and talk about it because they think they are alone. They have new self-esteem issues because if they bully is making fun of something exterior on the victim they will try to change that physical feature. They will either be sleeping more or less and be more cut off from the rest of their family. They may go to an extreme as to killing themselves or others. (Fund for Civility, Respect and …show more content…
With physical bullying you know how to put a stop to it because it may happen right in front of you, and you can physically stop it. Even when you go to teachers at school to report Cyberbullying they basically laugh it off and tell you to just ignore it. Since they can’t do anything to stop it some people choose to ignore that Cyberbullying even exists. Some ways to prevent Cyberbullying is to keep track with what your child is doing online. If a parent sees their kid post something mean or hurtful online you could get them to take it down and punish them. Therefore taking one less bully off of the Internet and preventing further post. Another thing you can do as a passerby on the Internet is report post that is bullying someone else. You can also not like or share the post just either ignore it or stand up for the person being bullied. Many people tend to turn on the bully and say hey that’s not cool. Cyberbullying needs to be acknowledged as a form of bullying and have serious consequences just like any other form of bullying. (Prevent

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