Bullying Vs Traditional Bullying

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Sammy Lewandowski There are differences and similarities between the two main types of bullying which are cyberbullying and face to face bullying. The tremendous effects the victim of cyberbullying or traditional bullying can last a lifetime.
There are different types of bullying, but cyberbullying is different than traditional bullying because of how it is done, online. “Today’s young adults and teenagers have grown up with technology and they have access to it 24/7. Many times they become very bold over technology and text things they would never say directly to someone’s face,” said Melissa Tortorici, the communication director for a school district and a credible source. She also stated that, “It’s extremely difficult to stop someone from
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They also might have an audience which would make it harder if there was a clique against the victim. Cyberbullying can happen at school and at home and that would make the victim feel like there is nowhere safe for them to be or to open up to someone. Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying can happen at any time, from anywhere, and can be completely anonymous with a fake screen name. Some traumatic effects on the victims of cyberbullying include serious consequences like anxiety, depression, and a dangerous amount of stress. Another very serious case of traumatic effects is suicide. 16% of high school students were cyberbullied in the past year. According to americanspcc.org. Cyberbullies mostly find their target from a place far away from where they live. Although cyberbullying has very serious effects and so does face to face bullying.
Although cyberbullying happens a lot so does traditional bullying. In other words, one of the very common form of bullying is face to face(verbal,physical). However, because of this form of bullying it is usually done around others, it can lead into a humiliating and damaging impact on the victim’s status. For one thing, it happens in many different places but, anywhere people find them and their friends together is usually an accurate place where bullying takes
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For example, according to the 2015 study by the National Center for Educational Statistics, one in four students(22 percent) have reported they have been a victim of alienation, but experts at the NCES have also assessed that only about 40 percent have reported it. Not to mention, that when the victim’s can’t take the depression and anxiety anymore, that’s when they their life’s.
Even though traditional bullying and cyberbullying have multiple differences, there are also a lot of ways they are the same. One is hurting another.
In conclusion, 160,000 students stay home everyday because they are scared they will get bullied at school. Traditional bullying can have the same effects cyberbullying has on the victim. Bullies often don’t feel good about themselves, and feel if they hurt others it will make them feel better. Don’t treat others how you wouldn’t want to be

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