Building Ladder For Success Of Senior Portfolio Essay

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Building Ladder to Success of Senior Portfolio “Who doesn’t want to be better than their parents? How to be the best not the less? What possible is to look out for in life?” For rigorous work environment, tons of educational requirements, and high paying profession, there for looking into Physician Assistant, Physician and Surgeon, And Obstetrician and Gynecologist. There are theories on only going to the doctor when feeling ill. Well a Physician assistant called a (PA) supervised by working under a team of Physician and Surgeons; who deal with illness and injuries. Therefore PA also Primary Care such area in medicine dealing with families. PA has numerous duties to appeal with jump start to examine patient’s files, such as updating current medical history. Another duty of a PA is diagnose such as X rays and blood tests. The only unbelievable downfall is that a PA stands on their feet all day. “Why not build your knowledge of success than feeling sorry for yourself?”
How to become a PA is basically enduring in studies at an undergrade school in health care science just for course as human anatomy, pharmacology, physiology, clinical medicine, physical diagnosis. In medical school earning bachelor degree in health care with full experience, as registered nurse, EMT, or paramedics. Therefore receive a master degree from accredited educational program while attending residency program. “Who don’t love Benjamin Franklin stamp on the one hundred dollar bill?” while being…

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