Building A Wiki Of Hr Knowledge And Practice Essay

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Building a Wiki of HR Knowledge and Practice
Coaching versus Mentoring What is coaching? Coaching are methods created on the use of one-to-one discussions with employees to improve an employee’s work performance, skills and or knowledge. Coaching goals usually focuses on particular skills and set of goals, while also having an influence on an employee’s behaviors such as social interaction or loyalty (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 2016). The coaching process usually lasts for a short term-period of time, or can be the foundation of a maintain management style. Coaching is often confused with mentoring, coaching is not mentoring the two method are very different.
What is Mentoring? Mentoring is an association with more experience uses their knowledge and understanding of workplace to encourage the advance of a less experience employee (Weinberger, 2012). The follow charter shows the different between the two methods: COACHING MENTORING
GOALS Improve job performance or skills Support and guide personal career growth
INITIATIVE Coach directs learning Mentee is in charge of learning
VOLUNTEERISM Protégé agrees to accept coaching; may not be voluntary Both mentor and mentee are volunteers
FOCUS Immediate problems & learning opportunities Longer term personal development
ROLE Focus on telling with appropriate feedback Focus on listening, behavioral role model, making suggestions and connections
DURATION Short term needs; “as needed” Longer term…

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