Essay about Building A Spiritual Place On Second Life

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Place: Spiritual Builds, Samsara, and a Third Space Virtual Zendo

This chapter explores how to build a spiritual place on Second Life. On Wednesday evening January 21, 2009, I sat in Hoben Zen Retreat’s empty Zendo, or meditation hall. Because it made a location for events, functioned as a meeting point for casual conversations and dharma talks, and was a symbol of the community itself, many practitioners perceived the regions Zendo as the focal point of their online sangha (community). In the mediation hall zafus (meditation cushions) were laid out in semi-circular lines, so that when people sit on them they faced the central altar on which sat flowers, burning incense and a statue of Shakyamuni Gautama Buddha. There were two cushions facing away from the altar and between them a mediation gong (kesu), which was referred to as the bell. A little nervous, I waited getting ready to led my first online silent meditation session, and sat on a cushion facing away from the altar so that I could act as the meditation leader or timekeeper—-who — and I quote from information given to me when I trained for this job— “is the person who holds the meditative space for the sitting practice of others.”
As we explored above in chapter two, during our research convert Buddhism on Second Life flourished both quantitatively and qualitatively << page )). Why do Convert Buddhists find it so easy to practice in Second Life? Part of the answer is that cyberspace opened up a new social…

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