Building A College : A Middle School Essay

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Building a College Going Culture in a Middle School
The research shows that the decision to attend college begins in middle school. ACT (n.d.) says that schools can play a “key role” in developing that decision by providing college and career information, while also supporting academic planning and motivation. The events and lessons that follow can be used as blueprints for schools to create their own college and career curriculum. Patricia McDonough’s key predictors for college attendance are “having college plans by 7th grade, having family support, and attending a college-focused school” (Building, n.d.). This curriculum addresses all three of those factors through incorporation of school-wide, classroom, and individual interventions. To increase chances of college attendance, middle school students need to be supported in the predisposition stage of the college choosing process. In the predisposition stage students cultivate their career and educational goals (Camblin, 2013). Middle school is not about deciding the future, it is about exploring it.

Demographic Information about Campbell Middle School Campbell is a suburban middle school in the Cobb County School District and is located in Smyrna, Georgia. In school year 2015, Campbell served 1,308 students ranging from 6th-8th grade. This college and career curriculum was designed to be used with all 1,308 students with different interventions being utilized with each grade level. Campbell is a Title I school with…

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