Essay on Book Report On A Tale Of Three Kings

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Book Report on A tale of Three Kings
A tale of three kings is an in depth story about King David, King Absalom, and King Saul. G. Edwards has mastered the authorship of styles and techniques of leadership. He describes how the process they went through to become king, the brokenness they experienced and the familiar question was raised about what type of king you are or will become.
At least once in everyone’s lifespan will experience a form or pain and brokenness. Whether from loss of family member, something that happened in childhood, or parents’ divorce. When you become broken before the Lord, He can use your heart and mold you like clay to grow from the experience. A lot of people only run to God in bad situations, God desires for us to seek Him and connect with Him always. The story of David can give us a similar example of how a son is eager to be like his father and his older brothers. He is in fact called to be a Shepard like his father.
In his journey, an elderly King comes to his family and announces that her would one day become king, David shows his bravery throughout his teenage years. He has grown in faith and endurance when his sheep are attacked and protects them by strongly throwing a rock and killing the bear. This experience with little things allowed God to trust him with a giant later in his life and he was also able to defeat the mighty giant with the Lords help.
When David becomes famous he refused to enjoy himself, but gives glory to God. He later…

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