Bonhoeffer's Book And The Lost Art Of Discipleship

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Discipleship has tried to be explained for many years and in many ways. It seems a new book on the topic comes out almost every year. Some books try to give new approaches and ways to disciple while others focus on what it means to be a disciple. Every book that I have read on discipleship, no matter what angle they are writing from, is centered on Jesus and how he discipled. The same is true for Bonhoeffer’s book, The Cost of Discipleship, and Eims’ book, The Lost Art of Disciple Making. Even though both Bonhoeffer and Eims come from two completely different directions to talk about discipleship, I believe their central point is the same and that is to model the life of Jesus Christ. This report will compare The Cost of Discipleship and The …show more content…
Eims points out, even in his title, that making disciples is an art. A piece of art is personal and it takes time. Eims suggest that we should not approach disciple making as something we can make an assembly line for but is rather something we should take with and personal invest in the individual. Another point Eims makes in his book is we do not have to look too far to find out to effectively make disciples; we just have to look to Jesus. Eims claims that Jesus is the model we should be following. There is really no need for another approach to discipleship, just do what Jesus did. Eims takes how Jesus did discipleship and lays it out in his book.
One of the strengths, The Lost Art of Disciple Making has, is practicality. The book is full of practical advice about following Jesus in making disciples. Ideas from sharing one’s testimony to helping an immature Christian grow in their faith. Another strong point in the book is its connection to the Scriptures. Of course since Jesus is the model for discipleship than there is nowhere else to turn other than the Scriptures. Eims does a good job articulating how Jesus discipled others. Lastly, I think the book was very informative and covered a lot of aspects involved in making

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